About Us

ICR Car Rental Company is a limited liability Kuwaiti company and is a member of Island integrated Group . The Company started its business in 2012 for a capital amounting K.D 1,250,000 (USD 4,136,000). It represents one of the most important subsidiaries of the Mother Company in the lease and trading sector. The Company took the operational sector as its approach which is considered more stable and secure as an investment. The Company specialized in the field of leasing in particular; it provided fleet rental services, post-rental services for the elite customers at the level of both governmental and private sector. It also provided its services to retail sector; it aims at improving and developing the lease sector through providing the best possible level of customer service and providing its services at the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Our Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors works on laying down the future plans, strategies and work standards of the Company, reflecting the Companies vision in reality. In addition, the Board of Directors works on permanently directing and guiding the work team; the Board is like the ship captain managing its steering wheel towards achieving its targets and improving its productivity level to achieve success and progress. The name of the Company has become a distinct and unique brand over the previous years in the local lease sector. The Company made big transactions and wonderful transactions enhancing the efforts of the Board aiming at improving the value of the commercial name of the Company in the lease market. Our Board consists of persons who had profound experience lasting for long years in senior management positions.

Our Parent Company
Island integrated group is a Kuwaiti company owning a group of companies operating in investment and operating sectors. The Mother Company firmly seeks to establish a distinct and outstanding goodwill in the world of business at both local and international levels. Island integrated group was established in 2006 as a Kuwait shareholding closed company operating in accordance with the law of holding companies. With independent promising vision and firm rules of work, the Mother Company worked according to an accurately set strategy which revolved around creating auctions sector as represented in a set of auctions spread all over the Arabian Gulf Region. In addition, the Parent Company made expansions in accompanying operating activities thus creating an investment sector, a trading sector and a leasing sector through which subsidiary were established and specialized in selling and purchasing cars, providing rental service of cars and fleet for individuals, companies and official authorities, after-sale services including, most importantly, ICR Car Rental Company.

To provide of all kinds of diverse leasing services based on trust and credibility with the aim to expand locally and regionally.

To be the leading in provider of private and commercial leasing services through specialized programs designed to provide optimal customer care whilst generating new strategic partnerships and alliances with large and medium sized enterprises.