Our Services

ICR Company provides several services in the framework of cars lease services round-the-clock. The Company has a big group of Japanese, American and European make saloon, four-wheel drive and family cars, transportation buses, mini-buses and medium buses to provide a collection of options satisfying all its customers.

ICR Company was keen on acting flexibly and easily in providing its services; it provided a very flexible lease mechanism  according to its work rules and as necessitated by the need of customers in the first place. It offered several options of the lease package in order to provide the daily, weekly, monthly and annual lease for competitive prices which were accurately studied. The Company also provides its services with added values including convenience and luxury they deserve, namely:
  • All-risk insurance service for the car.
  • Substitute car service.
  • Free maintenance service throughout contract term.
  • On-road assistance service.
  • Car delivery service to the place selected by customer.

Government contracts & corporate department :

This lease service is provided to the sector of companies, official authorities and ministries mainly concerned with leasing car fleets and providing lease services meeting the needs of such authorities at different sectors in such manner convenient for the nature of their business activities. This services is sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of companies and businessmen in terms of its economic cars fleets, buses fleets and trucks allocated for business activities which are carefully selected to keep up with the needs and requirements of world of business. Business Rental service is provided by ICR with advantages and services meeting the needs and aspirations of employers; it has become the most proper solution for them in their business and most cost-effective and time-saving and easy in carrying out business. Through this service, ICR achieved, over the previous years, contracts and major alliances with leading companies in different production and industrial sectors under tremendous contracts through which the Company achieved great goodwill and high reputation in the lease sector.

We have designed Government contracts & corporate department to serve the following :

  • Official Authorities and Ministries through official tenders submissions.
  • Banks, Finance Companies and Authorities and Insurance Companies.
  • Industrial Companies, Air conditioning and Cooling Companies, Constructions and Contracting Companies.
  • Big and Medium Companies in Services and Equipment’s Sector.
  • Hotels and Resorts.

Rental individuals department :

This service was designed especially for individuals to provide them with several options of economic and family cars and four-wheel cars for the periods proper for them including annual, monthly, weekly and daily lease and under interesting marketing offers and services ensuring complete convenience and time and effort saving. The name «Easy Rental» reflects easy procedures followed in the lease process; within few minutes, all the necessary procedures are carried out to receive the car the customer likes very flexibly, easily and professionally in such manner perfectly satisfactory for our customers.

Whereas this service is prepared especially for individuals, it was taken into consideration the additional requirements they are willing to obtain where this service provides safety seats for children when requested. It allows the customers to hand over the car in any of the branches of the Company spreading in the different governorates of State of Kuwait when the contract term expires. In addition, special offers are provided allowing customers unlimited mileage and the customer may pay his monthly instalments within few minutes via the Company's website.

ICR Limo

It is the service of leasing a car with driver where we provide an additional advantage through this service as the customer leases the car they like with a driver for different periods of time suitable for them whether for few days or on periodical basis. Thus, the customer can get this service periodically to be picked up to his work place or to pick up his guests to the airport one time only. The name of this service expresses the blend it consists of; it combines both the limousine service and the economic nature it has over other services in a modern, practical and unique as well as economic style meeting the needs of different categories. In addition, the costs of this service are completely economic like its cars; its costs are at the average not the high level and most categories of people can make use of them.

To Whom We Provide ICR Limo Service?

This service is provided for all categories of individuals and companies. This service was designed to be the practical and best solution for several categories actually in need of such solution. It is available for the following services:
Student of schools, universities and colleges if they like to go and return early from their places of study to their homes.

  • Employees and members of educational authorities and persons working in different sectors.
  • Guests and delegations of companies.
  • Trips from and to Kuwait International Airport.

The advantages of this service:

  • Flexibility in selecting the car and proper period of time for the customer (on periodical basis or for few days only).
  • Costs of services are affordable for all categories and including the fuel filling expenses.
  • This service provides professional drivers fully aware of all areas of Kuwait.
  • All-risk insurance on the vehicle and providing substitute vehicle immediately if any emergency occurs.